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A walk by the sea seemed essential on such a warm, glorious October afternoon, so I found myself drifting in the direction of Barmouth. What I hadn’t expected was finding myself in a crowd of many hundreds who had turned out to see the annual Barmouth Beach Races. I had utterly forgotten that they were happening this weekend. A good time seemed to be had by all, though I imagine the riders will be finding sand in some odd places for many days to come.


On the other side of the dunes, away from all the noise and crowds, it was the perfect day for a beach walk. A blue-skied, green-light-through-the-waves, sparkling surf kind of day with the hill of Olau Dinas making a lovely autumn-coloured backdrop.
























There was even a baby Portugese Man o’War jellyfish on the tideline, along with this little crab and four or five big Barrell Jellyfish.

After a long interval of leaning on the sea wall and watching the tide foaming in, the evening just got more and more lovely, and the Mawddach estuary looked stunning  on the way home.

A perfect afternoon’s messing about by the sea.






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