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We woke to a beautiful, sparkling, frosty morning and decided that a pre-breakfast walk was needed. Our original plan for a relatively gentle hour walking a circuit around the outskirts of the valley was soon overtaken by  the lure of something a bit more mountainous, so we set out to walk up Mynnydd Tri Arglwydd (The Hill of Three Lords).  We cheated somewhat and drove up the long, relentlessly uphill lane from our house to a point where we could get out and strike off onto the tracks through the pine forest.  The 360 degree views from the Trig point at the top of the mountain are just wonderful and include a great view of Cadair Idris, which looked magnificent in the sunshine with a dusting of frost. It was glorious to be out early and to have the hills all to ourselves (although happily, that’s not uncommon around here).

A lovely start to the day, followed by a big breakfast when we got home. Nice to feel we’d earned it!

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